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NEW 4 P is a marketing, communication and event organising agency offering advice for the development of corporate image and strategy. We are able to provide a 360 ° service to all projects, thanks to the collaboration of highly creative professionals, careful to understand communication needs, style and target of clients.


In the new global context, we have assimilated into our mission the changes occurred in the marketing sector, relying on what have been called the NEW 4 Ps of marketing (as opposed to the traditional "4 Ps": product, price, place and promotion).

• People. This term emphasizes the importance to acquire the person within the marketing. The concept replaces that of individual, a subject who is more a statistical figure that a human being; we are concerned about people with their specific and very subjective characteristics, especially when they are gathered.

• Places. Unique term apparently unchanged. In fact, what we mean it is very different. The place is the "place" of collective imagination, culture, local traditions and at the same time of global trends. Places are mostly spaces to share ideas, conviviality, where you live the interpersonal dimension and experiment new affinities.

• Plans. This term refers to the strategies we have developed and which aim to explore people thoughts, or rather, ways of thinking.

• Projects. After having identified people, places and styles of thought, we create shared projects. Each project follows a process always punctual and this approach is essential to set goals and find the most effective solutions. All projects are implemented through the establishment of a deep relationship with customers, in order not only to satisfy their desires, but also to create a trust relationship.


We organize corporate events, conventions, conferences and meetings, dealing with all phases of them:

General coordination and assistance;
Venue identification and management;
Organizing Secretariat;
Recruitment, training and supply of qualified staff (hostesses / stewards, models and interpreters);
Design and setting up of exhibition areas;
Graphic design and event communication such as invitations, brochures, posters and signage;
Catering services;
Supply of furniture and decorations;
Supply of technical equipment and production of audio-visual media content (photographic, audio and video);
Design and implementation of social and entertainment programs according to the event;
Hotel booking and travel arrangements.

We organize interactive events, aiming at accelerating the exchange between the participants and increasing the professionalism of individuals.

This is “edutainment”, a form of entertainment, designed and addressed to companies, organizations and institutions, with the purpose of education and entertainment at the same time.

In the framework of human resources development, we organize a wide spectrum of activities including team building, team experience or creative outdoor, specifically designed for developing and motivating a team through the methodologies of theatre and cinema.
The goal is to develop managerial and professional skills such as leadership, teamwork, sense making, public speaking, sales techniques, training and customer satisfaction.


Marketing activities focused on the development of business services (market analysis and business plans).

Marketing activities focused on the development of incoming, social tourism and hotel business.

Design and development of marketing activities Pre, In and Post-Fair.

Design and development of integrate actions for improving the key assets of a territory with planned communication initiatives.


We realize innovative and unique languages to communicate value through:

Design and realization of trademarks, logos and corporate identity.
Design and realization of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, and business communications.
Design and realization of communications material (flyers, posters, invitations etc).
Design and realization of editorial services: catalogues, magazines, newspapers, books etc.
Design and realization of packaging, boxes and displays.
Design and realization of exhibition stands, totems and digital print.
Digital photographic services: graphic and photo editing

Design and realization of advertising creativity.
Planning of advertising: outdoor advertising, flyers, billboards, print media, radio and TV.
Positioning and marketing.

Design and realization of static and dynamic websites.

Design and realization of interactive DVDs, multimedia presentations and videos.

Organization of press conferences.
Realization of mailing list.
Realization of communication and media plans.
Press releases.
Design and realization of press kits.

Contact: Pamela DI Pastena - email: [email protected]

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